Do you trust your eyes?

The perks of being a visual

I’m a 100% picture person. Visual stimulation is my everything. For that reason, I can’t stand dark rooms, audiobooks and phone calls. When I talk to a person, I need to see their face – or at least look at their avatar 🙂 A smile on that face has much more chances to cheer me up than words of comfort coming from a piece of plastic stuffed with wires. And since visual triggers are so important to me, I try to surround myself with things that keep me inspired and motivated. I like bright colors and emotionally charged images. This is my morning cup of coffee. The walls of my apartment are covered with all kinds of pictures, motivating posters, photos of dear people and memorable moments. And as I make my way from bedroom to kitchen, these images are puzzled together into some sort of a visual buffer that keeps me afloat through the day. You know, it’s very hard to find a picture that provides you with just the right stimulus! But there is a person whose paintings also work miracles on my mind. His name is Leonid Afremov. And he is a wizard! 🙂

Paints, brush and a little magic

I hit his website by pure accident. An ad banner popped up while I was looking for something else and I automatically clicked it. That was my happy click 🙂 It took me to some sort of gallery filled with incredibly colorful, beautiful pictures. I started looking through them and I couldn’t stop! The magic of this art pulled me in ever deeper. I was mesmerized by the palette, so generous and bright, the images, so touching in their utter simplicity, and of course the marvelous style of the artist that made me reevaluate my tastes in art. You’d better see it with your own eyes though! Here is a link to best oil paintings by Leonid Afremov in his official online store. Yes, this is also a place where he sells his works and I’m personally very thankful for the opportunity to buy something as beautiful without having to go through a whole damned quest. So now I have a clear and implementable plan:

  1. Waiting until the salary arrives.
  2. Giving up my previous plan of buying a coffee machine.
  3. Ordering that cute colorful painting with two girls walking through the park!

So if you ever decide to upgrade your interior decor or just add a few bright colors to your life, Leonid Afremov and his best oil paintings for sale are all yours!


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